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Product Overview

Setup Video

  • Setting up a Tapo Wire-Free C420 Camera System | DIY Install

    This video will show you how to configure your Tapo C420 Camera

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  • How to Mount Your Tapo C420 Wire-Free Camera System

    This video will show how to mount a Tapo C420 camera

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  • How to Reset Your Tapo Smart Wire-Free Security Camera System: Tapo H200 + Tapo C420

    This video will show you how to reset your wire-free security camera and the hub.

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  • Quick Tips - Adjusting the Video Quality on a Tapo Camera

    A video from TP-Link's Quick Tips Series of videos that show you how to quickly adjust the quality of the video resolution on a Tapo Camera

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  • Quick Tips: How to Link your TP-Link Tapo Account to Google Assistant

    This video will show you how to link your TP-Link Tapo account to Google Assistant

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  • Quick Tips: How to Link you TP-Link Tapo Account to Amazon Alexa

    This Video will show you how to integrate your Tapo account to Amazon Alexa

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