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  • How to Set Up and Install Your Tapo Smart Light Switch (1 Gang 1 Way): Tapo S210

    This guide will help you set up and install your Tapo smart light switch Tapo S210. Make your traditional lighting smart with the Tapo Smart Switch. Turn your lights on and off with your voice, or control them from your phone. Thanks to the switch's battery-powered design with 1+ year battery life, enjoy the smart lifestyle without rewiring your home or replacing your current bulbs.

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Firmware Release Note

Refer the FAQ to update firmware.

Tapo S210(EU)_V1_1.9.0 Build 231106

Дата публикации: 2024-04-03

Modifications and Bug Fixes: 
1. Optimized the pairing process.
2. Fixed some minor bugs.


TP-Link Tapo

TP-Link Tapo предоставляет самый простой способ управления и контроля ваших продуктов умного дома.

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