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  • How to Set Up a TP-Link Matter-Enabled Product on a 3rd Party Controller

    This video will give you instructions on how to set up a matter-enabled device using one of four 3rd party controllers.

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Firmware Release Note

Refer the FAQ to update firmware.

TP15(US)_V1.6_1.2.4 Build 240604

Published Date: 2024-07-15

Modifications and Bug Fixes:
1. Improved time synchronization accuracy.
2. Enhanced device communication security.
3. Optimized device performance and stability.
4. Fixed some minor bugs.

TP15(US)_V1.6_1.2.1 Build 240103

Published Date: 2024-02-04

Modifications and Bug Fixes:
1. Improved device stability and performance.
2. Fixed some minor bugs.

TP15(US)_V1.6_1.1.0 Build 231009

Published Date: 2023-12-04

Modifications and Bug Fixes:
1. Enhanced local communication security.
2. Improved Matter setup process.
3. Optimized stability and performance.
4. Fixed some minor bugs.

TP15(US)_V1.6_1.0.4 Build 230309

Published Date: 2023-06-14

Modifications and Bug fixes:
1. Optimized Matter compatibility.
2. Improved connection stability.


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