How to collect system log of Tether App

Updated 02-22-2024 03:45:20 AM 8767
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System Log is critical for further analysis of the problem. This article introduces the steps to collect system log of Tether App. If necessary, please follow these steps to send it to TP-Link technical support:

Note: If you fail to collect the system as shown below, please check the APP version in App Settings. This feature has been added to the Tether APP since Android 4.4.15 /IOS 4.4.25.

1. Launch Tether App and log in. Please click on the three lines icon at the top left corner of the Tether App, and then select Support Center.

2. Choose the related FAQs, scroll down the page and click on “No, I need more help”.

3. Tap on “Email Us”, choose Suggestion in ‘what can we help you with’ option and fill in rest consultation information. Then check "Add System Logs" and tap Send.
Note: If you have contacted TP-Link technical support, please attach your reference number such as email TKIDXXX in Opinions and questions column.

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