How to set up WireGuard VPN Client on Deco APP

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Updated 05-21-2024 02:38:49 AM 4988
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WireGuard is a cutting-edge open-source VPN protocol known for its speed, security, and simplicity. With modern encryption and streamlined design, it offers fast and secure virtual private network connections across various platforms.

Please follow the steps below to set up the Wireguard VPN Client on Deco APP.

1. Open the Deco APP and log in to your TP-Link account.

2. Tap on More at the bottom bar, then click on Advanced.

3. Select VPN Client and enable the VPN Client feature.

4. Add a new VPN server and choose WireGuard VPN.

5. Import the WireGuard configuration either by scanning the server's QR code or importing the server's configuration file, then click on Save. The parameters are automatically filled in, and do NOT change them unless necessary.

Note: If you want to manually set up Surfshark WireGuard on Deco App, please refer to this FAQ:

6. If import the server’s configuration file, We currently support some basic parameters of the WireGuard configuration file as Pic 1. If the configuration file you are using includes IPv6 address, MTU or many more (example as Pic 2), please edit the file and delete those parameters, then save the file.

7. If connection is successful, a message similar to the following will appear.

8. In the client permissions options, select All Clients, all clients can connect to this VPN. Select Client List, please add clients which are allowed to use VPN in the Client list.

Note: It's NOT suggested to use the same configuration file on multiple VPN Clients simultaneously. You could import the configuration file into your mobile phones as well as the router, but you are not allowed to connect to the VPN server simultaneously based on WireGuard protocols.

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