What is the Auto White Feature of Tapo Smart Bulbs?

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The Tapo smart multicolor bulb supports the Auto White feature that can intelligently adjust the color temperature of the bulb according to the local time.

Note: This feature is only available for Tapo multicolor bulbs.

There are two modes available: Auto Match and Auto Compensate.

1. Auto Match

Simulates the natural changes in light throughout the day. The bulb will stay on all day, and the light will softly switch between Warm white to Daylight white, while automatically adjusting the brightness.

Scenarios: Ideal for gentle morning wake-up and indoor use.

  • Half an hour before sunrise: Warm white, brightness 5%
  • Half an hour after sunrise: Nature white, brightness 50%
  • Noon: Daylight white, brightness 95%
  • Half an hour before sunset: Nature white, brightness 50%
  • Half an hour after sunset: Warm white, brightness 50%
  • Midnight: Warm white, brightness 5%

2. Auto Compensate

Automatically turns on the light at night and turns it off in the morning to compensate for insufficient natural light.

Scenarios: Ideal for corridors and outdoor use.

  • Sunrise: Nature white, brightness 95%
  • One hour after sunrise: Light off
  • One hour before sunset: Light off
  • Sunset: Nature white, brightness 95%

How to use the Auto White feature

1. Go to the Status page of the smart bulb.

2. Tap the “A” icon under my Presets and choose the mode you want.

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