What should I do if fail to upgrade the firmware of my TP-Link router?

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This Article will show you how we can handle with the case if failing to upgrade the firmware on TP-Link devices.


Part one: Online Upgrade


Step 1: Check whether TP-Link device supports online upgrade or not. Only devices which support TP-Link Cloud service have online upgrade function. You may check the following compatibility list:



Step 2: Confirm the internet connectivity of TP-Link device. Only devices which connect to internet successfully could upgrade the firmware online smoothly.


Step 3: Try to upgrade firmware locally or manually by downloading the latest firmware on computer. Please refer to How to upgrade firmware on TP-Link devices?


Notes: If there is a sudden power outage during the upgrade, there is a high chance that the router will become bridge. At this point, you may refer to How to use webpage firmware recovery if the router become brick (new logo)?



Part two: Manual/Local Upgrade


Step 1: check whether you have downloaded the correct firmware version for your TP-Link device.


1. Check the model number, hardware version, EU or US version of TP-Link device by referring to How to find the hardware version on a TP-Link device?


2. Select the corresponding hardware version on the download website.


Step 2: Verify the format of latest firmware. After downloading the latest firmware from TP-Link official web site, you should extract that folder. The correct format of firmware should be bin file.


If above suggestions cannot help you out, please contact TP-Link technical support with the following info:


1. The model number, hardware version, current firmware version of TP-Link device;

2. The firmware version downloaded from TP-Link official web site;

3. The screenshot of error info displayed on firmware upgrade page.



Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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