Deco Setup Walkthrough

When You Set Up
Updated 05-23-2019 01:39:17 AM
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Note:To ensure the setup process can carry on smoothly, please disable the Power-Saving mode on the phone.

The Deco can only be set up through the Deco app, which is available on Android and iOS. 

Here we take Deco M4 for example.

1. Launch the Deco App

2. Log in or tap “Sign Up” to set up a TP-Link ID.

Note: If you already have a TP-Link Cloud account, you can log in with your account.

3. Tap “Let’s Begin”, select the Deco icon according to your Deco’s model number.

4. Unpack the contents of the box. Once you verify you have everything, click “Next”

5. Power off your modem and remove the backup battery if it has one, then tap “Next”

6. Connect one of your Deco units to your modem via Ethernet cable, and power on both devices.  Tap “Next” when both devices are fully booted.

7. Wait for the ‘Internet’ light to be stable on your modem, then tap “Internet LED is stable”

8. Wait for the Deco’s LED to pulsing blue.  Tap “Deco’s LED is Pulsing Blue”.

Note: If the LED is not pulsing blue, press the RESET button at the bottom of the unit for one second, the LED will turn to yellow. Just wait for about 2 minutes until the LED turn to pulsing blue and go on. 

9. Go to the Settings >Wi-Fi page on your phone, connected to the Deco’s default SSID which printed on the bottom label (such as Deco_XXXX).

Then go back to the Deco app, click on “I Have Connected”, the Deco app will show “Looking for Deco” and found the Deco M4.

10. Assign your connected Deco to a room.

11. Deco will detect the internet connection type, which assigned by ISP.

There are 3 kinds of internet connection type: Dynamic IP, PPPOE and Static IP. If you can’t confirm this information, contact your ISP for a check.

If your ISP has VLAN settings, filling in the VLAN information then tap on “Next”.

12. Create your Wi-Fi network name and password, then connected your phone to the new Wi-Fi network, click on “Next”.

13. Deco app will find the Deco M4 again.

14. Deco will test internet connection, and then finish the setup process. You can select “I’m done for now” or continue adding more Deco units.

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