How do I configure L2TP/PPTP VPN connection on TL-WR820N?

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1. Our routers support PPTP/L2TP client, but can only support those VPN servers whose data are not encrypted. 
2. Some ISPs provide PPTP/L2TP connection. So you can use PPTP/L2TP client connect to it.

1. Visit, and log in with the password you set for the router.

How do I log in web-based interface/utility of TL-WR820N?

2. Go to Network for basic WAN settings, or go to Advanced > Network > WAN Settings for advanced WAN settings.

3. Select L2TP or PPTP if you connect to an L2TP/PPTP VPN Server and are provided with a username, password, and IP address/domain name of the server by the ISP.

4. Enter the username and password provided by your ISP.



5. Enter the VPN server’s IP address (For example:, or if your VPN Server is a domain name, you can input the domain name.) or domain name provided

by your ISP.

6. Click Save to connect.

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