Troubleshooting: Unstable connection on the 4G/5G Deco

Updated 03-25-2024 08:09:17 AM 4957
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There are multiple factors that cause your internet connection to randomly disconnect. Please read possible solutions below which may fix an internet unstable.

Note: Please go to Deco APP> More> Advanced> Operation Mode, if the Deco is working in Wireless Router Mode, please refer to this guide to troubleshoot.

If the Deco is working in 4G/5G Router Mode, please check the following for possible solutions:

  1. Insert the same SIM into another LTE device or even a smartphone, monitor for some time to confirm if the internet works fine and is stable;

If works, record the APN used and the Band connected by the phone: How to check the 4G band working on our smartphones

  1. Reinsert the SIM card into the Deco and log in Deco App, go to More> Internet. Check the status of the SIM card:
  1. Not Detected

Please contact TP-Link Support for assistance with what troubleshooting you have done.

  1. PIN Required

Go to More> Advanced> PIN Management. Input the PIN code to unlock the SIM card: How to use PIN Management on 3G/4G or 4G/5G Deco router

  1. Prepared (detected and unlocked)
  • Go back to More> Internet and check if band information is not blank. If it is blank, switch the Carrier to manual and select the user’s ISP. Also, switch the band to manual and select the band as the same as the phone or another router that is verified to work with this SIM card (mentioned in step 1)
  • If IP address is invalid like, create a new profile as the same as the one used by the phone or another router that is verified to work with this SIM card (mentioned in step 1).

If you are still having connection related issues and the above has not helped, please contact TP-Link Support for assistance. Please provide the following information: (The more details you can provide, the faster we can locate your issue.)

  • The results of any troubleshooting steps performed
  • How often does this issue happen
  • Whether the problem has existed since the purchase of Deco or has occurred recently
  • Is there a way to temporarily recover from the problem after it occurs
  • Your ISP
  • The model number, hardware/firmware version of your Deco units (if not up to date, update to the latest)
  • In which country did you purchase the product and in which country are you currently using the product

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