How to Reset TP-Link Mobile Wi-Fi Devices to Factory Defaults

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Updated 09-20-2023 08:35:44 AM 35021
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A factory reset will restore your Mobile Wi-Fi device to factory default settings. You will need to reconfigure the device from scratch.

There are two methods to reset to the Router's factory defaults:

Method 1: Hard reset/by pressing the RESET button

Step 1: Make sure the device is turned on, if not, long press the power button and wait for it turning on

Step 2:

For devices with a screen such as M7350, M7450 and M7650:

Open the back cover, use a pin to press and hold the Reset hole until you see “Power Off” on the screen, then TP-Link Logo, “Restoring” and “Succeed” will appear on the screen successively, which means the factory reset really works.

For device without a screen such as M7000, M7010, and M7200:

Open the back cover, use a pin to press and hold the Reset hole for about 3 seconds, you will see the three LEDs turning off for about 3 seconds, then turning on for about 5 seconds and flashing once, stay on for 10 seconds and then start booting up, which means the factory reset really works.

If you don’t see the above behaviors on the screen or LEDs, please try the factory reset again.

Method 2: Reset via Web Interface

Step 1: Follow this guide to login the web interface:

Step 2: Go to Advanced->Device->Factory Defaults page and then click “Restore”.

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