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Deco X50-PoE is the first Deco model which supports PoE power supply and ceiling/wall mounting. Here are some FAQs about its PoE feature.

Q1: What PoE standards does Deco X50-PoE support?

For standard PoE: IEEE802.3at standard and IEEE802.3bt standard.

For Passive PoE: Passive PoE power supply equipment is generally passive PoE adapter (or called passive PoE injector). Deco X50-PoE requires a passive PoE adapter with an output voltage of 48VDC and an output power above 18W (usually 24W). Using a Passive PoE adapter with a voltage higher than 48V may cause damage to Deco X50-PoE, while using a passive PoE adapter with a voltage less than 48V may cause Deco X50-PoE to work unstably.

Learn more about PoE technology.

Q2: How much power does Deco X50-PoE consume when powered by PoE?

US version: Up to 18W.

EU version: Up to 14.4W.

Q3. Does Deco X50-PoE support DC power supply?

Yes, a DC power adapter is included in the product package.

Q4: Does Deco X50-PoE have any requirements for the PoE-powered network cable?

We recommend using a standard network cable of cat5e and above (cat5e and above supports 2.5Gbps).

Q5: What is the maximum transmission distance of a PoE connection?

Up to 100 meters.

Q6: Which PoE power supply mode does Deco X50-PoE supports?

Deco X50-PoE supports both Alternative A and Alternative B.

Alternative A: Supply power using the date line pairs 1/2 and 3/6 of the Ethernet cable.

Alternative B: Supply power using the spare line pairs 4/5 and 7/8 of the Ethernet cable.

Q7: How to choose a PoE switch for Deco X50-PoE

Here are some key factors in choosing a PoE switch:

PoE standard: Use IEEE802.3at or IEEE802.3bt standard.

Number of ports: Select the number of PoE ports according to the number of your PoE-powered devices.

Transmission rate: For faster speed, a gigabit switch is recommended (Deco X50-PoE has a 2.5G port, you can also buy a switch with a 2.5G port).

PoE Power Budget: A PoE switch power budget is the total amount of power output available to the PoE ports of the switch. The total power required by all PoE devices should not exceed the PoE switch’s overall power budget. Otherwise, the powered devices may be unstable or even unable to be powered on.

Here is a rough calculation: for example, you have 3 Deco X50-PoE (US version) that need to power with PoE. The maximum power consumption of one Deco X50-PoE is 18W. Considering the additional consumption of the ethernet cable and leaving a certain margin, we count it as 20W (If EU version, count it as 16W). So, you need to buy a PoE switch with a PoE power budget higher than 60W. Suppose you also have two PoE-powered IP cameras, each with a power of 15W, then you need to buy a PoE switch with a PoE power budget higher than 90W.

Q8: Are there recommended PoE switches or adapters?

If you have not purchased PoE equipment, here are some of our recommended choices:

Home PoE switch products:


PoE power budget

Introduction page

TL-SG105PE (5-Port Gigabit Easy Smart Switch with 4-Port PoE+)



TL-SG1008MP (8-Port Gigabit Desktop/Rackmount Switch with 8-Port PoE+)



TL-SG1210P (10-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch with 8-Port PoE+)



For more switch models, please refer to POE Switches Buying Guide

Standard PoE adapter:

PoE+ Injector TL-POE160S

Passive PoE adapter:

Gigabit 48VDC Passive PoE AdapterTL-POE4824G

Q9: Why can't PoE switch/adapter power X50-PoE or the power supply is unstable?

  1. Please check if the LED of the PoE port on the PoE switch or the PoE adapter is on. Check if the ethernet cable and ethernet port are connected firmly.
  2. Check if the PoE switch or PoE adapter supports IEEE802.3at or IEEE802.3bt standard. Deco X50-PoE doesn’t support IEEE802.3af.
  3. Please select the qualified cat5e or above ethernet cable. Changing another ethernet cable is possible. The length of the ethernet cable should be within 100m.
  4. The total power required by all PoE devices should not exceed the PoE switch’s overall power budget. Otherwise, the powered devices may be unstable or even unable to be powered on.

Q10: How to connect Deco X50-PoE to a PoE switch in different operation modes

Deco X50-PoE supports router mode and access point mode.

Router Mode: Deco works in router mode by default. In router mode, please note that the satellite Deco should be wired to the LAN port of the main Deco or a switch connected to the main Deco's LAN port to avoid a network loop.

Access Point Mode: If there is a main router in front of Deco, Deco can be set to work under access point mode. In Access Point mode, you can wire satellite Deco to any Deco unit or the front main router through a switch.

Q11: Can I power other PoE-supported devices via the PoE ports on Deco X50-PoE?

No, Deco X50-PoE could only receive power via its PoE port from a PSE device (such as a PoE switch).

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