How to set up password recovery in case you forget it on High Power Wireless N Router? (new logo)

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This feature allows you to recover the login password you set for you router in case you forget it.

Here we take TL-WR941HP for demonstration.

1. Log into the router. If you don’t know how to do that, please refer to

How to log into the web management page of High Power Wireless N Router? (new logo)

2. Go to System Tools > Administration and focus on the Password Recovery section.

3. Tick the Enable Password Recovery checkbox.

4. Specify a mailbox (From) for sending the recovery letter and enter its SMTP Server address. Specify a mailbox (To) for receiving the recovery letter. If the mailbox (From) to send the recovery letter requires encryption, select Enable Authentication and enter its username and password.


• SMTP server is available for users in most webmail systems. For example, the SMTP server address of Gmail is You can refer to their Help page to learn the SMTP server address.

• Generally, Enable Authentication should be selected if the login of the mailbox requires username and password.

5. Click Save.

You can click Test Email to test whether the configuration is successful.

To recover the login password, please visit, click Forgot Password? on the login page and follow the instructions to set a new password.

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