Tapo and Samsung Forge Alliance for Smart Home Innovation

    SHENZHEN, China  — Jan 9, 2024 Tapo is proud to announce an extensive collaboration with Samsung, a leader in global technology, enhancing the smart home ecosystem through our inclusion in the prestigious Works With SmartThings (WWST) program. This partnership underscores Tapo's dedication to quality, innovation, and a shared vision for the future of connected living.



    A Partnership Centered on Smart Innovation

    As part of this deep collaboration, Samsung highlights Tapo C225/TC73 as one of the top six standout WWST products at Samsung's CES 2024 event. This recognition affirms Tapo C225/TC73's exceptional performance and compatibility within the SmartThings ecosystem, providing users with unparalleled convenience and control.

    The alliance between Tapo and Samsung within the WWST framework represents a fusion of two brands committed to elevating the smart home experience. This is more than a connection between devices; it's a convergence of vision and shared values in shaping the future of intelligent living.



    The Enhanced Value of Tapo

    Tapo's mission goes beyond merely providing smart devices—it's about weaving innovative technology into the fabric of everyday life, enhancing security, ease of use, and seamless integration for our customers.

    With a belief in technology as a life enhancer, Tapo offers a wide array of quality smart home products catering to diverse customer needs. With a global user base of 16 million, Tapo's commitment to "Smart, Secure, and Easy" principles is evident as we continually advance our technology to improve user experience.

    Our designs prioritize customer needs, focusing on innovative, sustainable, and quality solutions. Tapo Smart Actions allow for smart home automation, backed by AI+ technology, to advance home intelligence. Security and privacy are core to Tapo's promise, assuring customers a protected smart home experience. Choosing Tapo means investing in a future that's smarter and more secure.

    Charting the Path Forward

    The integration of Tapo C225/TC73 within the WWST ecosystem is just the beginning. Tapo is expanding its range to fully embrace SmartThings, collaborating with Samsung to create a more seamlessly connected, smarter living experience across various product categories.

    As the smart home landscape continues to evolve, the Tapo-Samsung collaboration will lead the charge into a future where technology integrates effortlessly into our lives, ensuring a more intelligent and secure tomorrow.


    About Tapo

    Tapo, a TP-Link Smart Home brand with over 13 million users globally, provides reliable smart home devices and accessories to customers worldwide. The company was founded to help people adopt a new smart home lifestyle at an affordable cost, utilizing its industry expertise and dependable production processes to offer products with outstanding functionality and performance.

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