Energy Saving
with Tapo

Smart home devices not only make your life easier, but also help you save energy and money.

More Insightful

Energy Monitoring 2.0

Provides all the necessary information to help you better understand and optimize your energy consumption.

More Detailed Data

Real-time power monitoring with statistics updates every 5 seconds. You can also check total consumption by day, month, or year.


Track the power consumption of your old appliances. You may find swapping to one with a high energy-efficiency rating can be worth the investment.

Visualized Data

The clear and straightforward data visualizations help you quickly understand your power usage.


Identify what appliances in your home consume the most energy. Try planning their usage to synchronize your routines to cut energy waste.

Calculate Your Bill

Set up your electricity rate (supports both periodic and singular billing) to estimate your cost of the power used by a connected device.


If you choose a time-of-use electricity plan, using power-hungry appliances like tumble dryers during off-peak periods can greatly lower your bills.

Auto Power Off

with Energy Monitoring 2.0

  • A house with the light on. A phone to control the light with the app

    To Save Energy

    With real-time energy monitoring, you can set devices to automatically switch off when they’re on standby mode or fully charged.

  • A man  gets close to the Motion Sensor,and the Smart Light Strip turn on

    To Protect Electronics

    Turns off the connected device when its power exceeds the set threshold to protect you and your electronics.

Auto-Off Timer & Schedule

Set an Auto-Off Timer on smart plugs or switches to have them turn off after a set time. Use schedule to synchronize appliances with your daily routines.


Heat your home for less.

Most heating appliances are energy-hungry, such as space heaters, heated towel rails and electric blankets. Set timer or schedule with smart plugs to automate these devices, preventing them from working overnight and wasting energy. Ensures your appliances are running safety as well.


Auto-off lights with smart switches.

Most heating appliances are energy-hungry, such as Using the Auto-Off Timer to turn off your bedroom lights after a set amount of time. Free up your hands and save energy with ease.


Works with Sensors

Auto on, then off.

Lights can be triggered on as you pass the sensor and automatically turn off after a certain length of time with no activity. Free up your hands without worrying about leaving the lights on.

Keep an Eye on Things

Install smart contact sensor on doors, windows, and other fixtures to help you save energy.


Automatically switch the heating off whenever a window or door is opened. Receive alerts on your phone when your refrigerator is left opened.


Tapo Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulb

As the figure show, the brightness level of 9 W Tapo Smart Bulb is equivalent to that of 60 W incandescent light bulbs. And it can operate well at you home for a longer period, with less consumption.


Lower Power Consumption: 90%


Expanded Lifespan: 13.6 Years *
15 times of incandescent light bulbs
2.5 timesof energy-saving incandescent light bulbs

*The lifespan is concluded on the condition that Tapo Smart Light Bulb operates for 3 hours each day.

Energy Saving


Our LED Bulb


Incandescent Light Bulb


Super-Low Standby Power

Featuring extremely low standby power use, Tapo Smart Bulbs saves you money and energy. When set in standby mode, its exact power consumption is as low as 0.2 watts. It means that it frees you from worries about paying high bill for your unused real estate.

Tapo Smart Bulb

Standby Power < 0.2 W
Standby Power of 20 Devices < 4 W


Other Smart Bulb

Standby Power > 0.5 W
Standby Power of 20 Devices > 10 W


Flexible Remote Control

Accidently left the heater on in your morning rush to work? Forget to turn off the lights when you’re away? Freely turn off your devices not in use from anywhere, at anytime via the Tapo app.

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