Tapo Champions Sustainability with The Great Global Cleanup

    April 22nd, 2024 – Tapo, a leading consumer electronics brand and pioneer in the smart home industry, is proudly answering the call of EARTHDAY.ORG (EDO) by participating in The Great Global Cleanup for Earth Day 2024. Taking a step outside the office, the Tapo charity team is engaging in a beach cleanup initiative, demonstrating their dedication to the planet.


    Tapo Joins The Great Global Cleanup

    The Great Global Cleanup, initiated by EDO for Earth Day 2024, represents a transformative effort aimed at addressing the critical challenge of pollution, arguably one of the gravest dangers threatening our world today. Positioned at the forefront of sustainability, Tapo is committed to using its actions and industry influence to foster meaningful change.

    As Tapo team members meticulously combed the shoreline, collecting everything from plastic debris to paper waste, the significance of their efforts grew evident. Each item removed not only enhanced the waterfront’s beauty but also advanced our journey toward sustainability.

    Reflecting on the day’s events, the Tapo team felt a renewed sense of purpose. “It’s more than just developing smart home devices; it’s about creating a smarter, more sustainable world for future generations,” said one of the Tapo team leaders.


    Tapo’s Commitment to the Environment

    Responding to the EDO call to participate in The Great Global Cleanup is part of Tapo’s sustainability efforts, ranging from implementing eco-friendly practices in our operations to developing products that contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.

    • Green Products

    Tapo prioritizes the use of recyclable materials in product assembly to minimize waste. The company is also progressively reducing plastic use in packaging, favoring recyclable alternatives instead. This effort extends beyond mere material selection; Tapo is actively investing in more sustainable materials. With environmental conservation as a core focus, Tapo recognizes the critical need to safeguard our planet for future generations.

    • Energy-Saving Products

    As a user-focused brand, Tapo always designs its products with energy savings in mind. Tapo’s solar panels, for instance, harness the sun’s power, a free and abundant energy source, making them eco-friendly and highly cost-effective in the long run. The brightness level of the 9W Tapo Smart Bulb is equivalent to 60W incandescent light bulbs, providing sufficient brightness with little energy consumption. Further, Tapo smart bulbs last up to 13.6 years, 15 times greater than incandescent bulbs and 2.5 times longer than energy-saving incandescent light bulbs. A sustainable lifestyle can not only be achieved with hardware  upgrades. Features such as scheduling usage time, monitoring energy consumption, and one-click turning off the lights are equipped to help users enjoy a more energy-saving lifestyle.


    Tapo’s Go-Green Program Together with TP-Link

    Tapo, in partnership with its parent company, TP-Link, has made significant investments in developing infrastructure dedicated to environmental protection. Their efforts are grounded in adherence to green principles, actively promoting the ethos of "harmonious coexistence between humans and nature." TP-Link has honored its environmental commitment by implementing a comprehensive green strategy, encompassing green systems, products, and operations across all facets of the organization.

    • Greenhouse Gas Management

    TP-Link aligns with the ISO 14064 international standard by systematically analyzing and addressing the critical aspects of carbon emissions. The company identifies and manages the responsibilities, assets, and risks associated with greenhouse gases (GHG), maintains a comprehensive GHG emission inventory, and implements robust mechanisms for quantifying, managing, and reporting GHG emissions. 

    • Energy Consumption Management

    In line with the ISO 50001 standard, TP-Link has methodically advanced its energy management system, specifying frameworks for reducing energy use and emissions, conserving energy in office spaces, and other related standards. TP-Link prioritizes energy conservation, actively adopting new technologies to enhance its efforts.

    • Environmental Impact Factor Management

    Following the environmental policy defined in the Quality and Environmental Management Manual, TP-Link has formulated and issued the Regulations on Environmental Waste Disposal and the Hazardous Waste Disposal Standard and has carried out systematic management of environmental impact factors in compliance with the 4R principles (Responsibly Recycle, Reduce, and Renew).

    Join Tapo in going green. The Tapo Earth Day Cleanup highlighted the strength of community action and the transformative impact of sustainable practices. As Tapo leads in smart technology innovation, its dedication to environmental stewardship serves as a hopeful example for others. Together, we can generate a ripple effect of positive change—because every day is Earth Day.


    About Tapo

    Tapo, a smart home brand with over 18 million users globally, provides reliable smart home devices and accessories to customers worldwide. The brand was founded to help people adopt a new smart home lifestyle at an affordable cost, utilizing its industry expertise and dependable production processes to offer products with outstanding functionality and performance.

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