• Best of CES

    Best of CES

    Archer AX11000 received award ‘Best of CES’’ from

    2019, United States
  • CES Innovation Award 2019

    CES Innovation Award 2019

    Archer AX11000 received award ‘CES Innovation Award 2019’’ from CES 2019 – one of the largest trade show around globe. The CES Innovation Awards is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products.

    2019, United States
  • Safe Buy

    Safe Buy

    2016, Denmark
  • Safe buy

    Safe buy

    2016, Denmark

    UH720 get score 9 on Tweak.DK

    2016, Denmark
  • Tweak.DK 9

    Tweak.DK 9

    M7350 get score 9 on Tweak.DK.

    2016, Denmark
  • Dinside 5 dots

    Dinside 5 dots

    Touch P5 win Dinside 5 dots

    2016, Denmark
  • Anbefalt Produkt

    Anbefalt Produkt

    Touch P5 win Dinside Anbefalt Produkt

    2016, Denamrk
  • bra val

    bra val

    Touch P5 PC för alla bra val aug 2015

    2016, Sweden
  • Bra val maj

    Bra val maj

    TL-WPA8630 KIT WIN PC FOR ALLA Bra val maj 2016

    2016, Sweden
  • AOD_anbefaler


    TL-WA860RE win AOD_anbefaler_fireenhalv_stjerner_marts 15_03

    2016, Denmark
  • Kotimikro


    TL-WA850RE win Kotimikro

    2016, Finland

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