Setup Video

  • How to Setup Tapo Wireless Camera with VIGI NVR

    00:00 - Introduction 00:08 - Connection Diagram 00:13 - Setting up the Tapo camera ONVIF account 00:37 - Adding the Tapo camera in the VIGI NVR 02:36 - Fix Tapo camera IP address on router 03:00 - Controlling the Tapo camera from the NVR

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  • Quick Tips - Adjusting the Video Quality on a Tapo Camera

    A video from TP-Link's Quick Tips Series of videos that show you how to quickly adjust the quality of the video resolution on a Tapo Camera

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  • Tapo Smart Camera Unboxing and Setup Video Tapo C310&C320WS&TC65

    This video includes: 1. How to set up your Tapo camera via wired or wireless connection 2. How to mount your camera on the wall 3. How to install waterproof cable connectors 4. How to install the microSD card for local recording 5. How to reset your camera Tapo C310 features and specs:

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  • How to Install microSD Card and Reset Your Camera Tapo C310&C320WS&C325WB&TC65

    This video will show you how to install the microSD card for local recording and reset your camera.

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  • How to Install Waterproof Cable Connectors

    This video will show you how to install the waterproof cable connectors when your camera is installed outdoors.

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  • 如何將您的TP-Link Tapo帳號連接到Google語音助理

    影片將向您展示如何將您的TP-Link Tapo帳號連接到Google語音助理

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  • 如何將您的TP-Link Tapo帳號連接到Amazon Alexa

    影片將向您展示如何將您的TP-Link Tapo帳號連接到Amazon Alexa

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TP-Link Tapo

TP-Link Tapo 提供最簡單的方式來管理與控制您的智慧居家產品。

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