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  • How to set up TP-Link powerline adapters

    This video will show you how to install TP-Link powerline adapters and the way to secure your home powerline network. * This video applies to TP-Link powerline adapter and its multiple-pack kits. For more information, visit

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Date de publication: 2020-11-27 Langue: Multi-langues Taille du fichier: 78.83 MB
Système d'exploitation: Win2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/Mac/Linux

Modification and bug fixes:
1. Supported higher resolution
2. Compatible with more PLC models

Date de publication: 2020-11-19 Langue: Multi-langues Taille du fichier: 2.08 MB
Système d'exploitation: Mac OS 10.15

Modification and bug fixes:
1. Supported Mac OS 10.15 and later versions
2. Optimized total performance

Date de publication: 2018-08-16 Langue: Multi-langues Taille du fichier: 18.69 MB
Système d'exploitation: WinXP/7/8/8.1/10

Modifications and Bug Fixes:
Added the feature to view the link speed of LAN ports for some models of PLC devices.

Date de publication: 2017-07-13 Langue: Anglais, Multi-langues Taille du fichier: 50.13 MB
Système d'exploitation: MAC OS 10.7-10.12

Modifications and Bug Fixes:

Modifications and Bug Fixes
1. Add Power Saving Mode on-off option.
2. Fix the bug that have no 'website' button for TL-WPA4220 to login the web page.
3. Correct the Powerline Speed of 9 series devices.
4. Fix the problem that upgrade fails in some occasions.

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