What if Tether failed to log in my TP-Link product?

Updated 11-19-2021 06:17:49 AM 37457

1. Please note that the login username/password is the same as the local password when logging into the web management page. It is not the password of TP-Link ID or Wireless Password, but an administrative password created when you set it up at the first time.

2. Make sure the TP-Link device is using the latest firmware.

3. If the TP-Link device is a range extender using a static IP, make sure the IP address is in the same subnet as your router.

4. Reboot the TP-Link device or restart the Tether APP and try again.

5. If you cannot remember any password, please try admin in lower case, however, if it still doesn't work, please reset the TP-Link device by pressing the reset button/hole for 10s, then set it up again from the beginning via web management page or Tether APP.


To get more details about Tether App, please click here.




Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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