How to set up my VOIP function on VOIP Modem Router?(Exetel)

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 Preparation: Only after you have Internet access on this router, can you set up your VOIP function successfully.

Step 1: Take TD-VG3631 as an example. If you already have Internet, please login the web interface of TD-VG3631, go to Voice--Sip Account, click Add.
Step 2: For Exetel users from Australia, please refer to the following picture exactly to configure your VOIP function.
Profile name = Exetel(user-defined)
Authentication ID = 036386692798
(replace it with your phone number)
Registrar address= (provided by Exetel)
SIP proxy=
Outbound proxy=
register via outbound proxy=yes
Phone number=0386692798
(replace it with your phone number)
Authentication realm=
Password=xxxxxxxxx (Input the password provided by Exetel)
Registrar port=5060
SIP proxy port=5060
Outbound proxy port
Step 3: After you have set up the SIP Account, please go to Voice--Advanced Setup--SIP Advanced Setup, set Bound Interface Name as Any_WAN. See the following picture:
With all the settings above, your VOIP status will be up.
If you have any doubt, please be free to contact TP-Link Support Team.
Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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