How to control the TP-Link router with Google Assistant?

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What functions can I control with Google Assistant?

You can control some functions of your TP-Link routers with Google Assistant via voice command, including Guest Network, Operation mode, LED, etc.

Please check the list below to see if your TP-Link product is compatible.

Whole-Home Wi-Fi Product


Hardware version

Supported Functions

Deco M9 Plus


Guest network, WPS, Operation mode, QoS,

LED, Night Mode, SSID,

Firmware update, Reboot.

Deco P7


Deco M4/S4


 Deco E4/W2400


               Deco M5                  V1/V2/V3


 How do I use Google Assistant to control the TP-Link router?

To control the TP-Link Router with Google Assistant, just speak to your Google Assistant with the following voice commands.

Voice Commands are listed as below:



Control Guest Network

Hey Google, enable the guest network

Hey Google, turn on the guest Wi-Fi

Hey Google, disable the guest network

Hey Google, turn off the guest Wi-Fi

Query network settings

Hey Google, what is the name/SSID of my router's guest network?

Hey Google, what is the name/SSID of my router's host network?

Hey Google, Is the host network on?

Hey Google, Is the guest network on?

Reboot the router

Hey Google, reboot my router.
Hey Google, reboot my whole network.

Update the router's software

Hey Google, update the firmware of my router.

Hey Google, update the software of my router.

Query last update time

Hey Google, when is the last time software update?

Set router mode

Hey Google, change the <mode_name> to <setting_name> on the router.
Hey Google, set my router to <setting_name> mode.


For example,

Hey Google, set my router to AP mode.

Hey Google, change the router mode to AP mode on the router.

Query router mode

Hey Google, what <mode_name> is the router set to?


For example,

Hey Google, what operation mode is the router set to?

Set router toggle

Hey Google, enable/disable <toggle_name> on the router


For example,

Hey Google, disable the LED of my router.

Hey Google, disable the night mode of my router.

Query router toggle

Hey Google, is the router <toggle_name> on?


For example,

Hey Google, is the router night mode on?


Note: More TP-Link router will support this feature via firmware update in the future.

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