At TP-Link, we value our employees as our most important asset. Adhering to international standards like the United Nations Human Rights Protection Convention and the ILO Convention, we respect and safeguard human rights while fostering equality. We are dedicated to creating a platform for employees to enhance their knowledge and skills, cultivate their careers, and realize their personal values. Our commitment provides diverse opportunities for the comprehensive career development of our team members.

Open-Minded and Inclusive

TP-Link is dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. We respect each employee, valuing their unique talents and potential, and promote shared growth within our organization. We stand firm against child and forced labor, discrimination, and harassment, ensuring the protection of all employees' rights. Special attention is given to upholding the labor rights of our female staff, safeguarding their interests during sensitive periods such as menstruation, pregnancy, and lactation.


Talent Development

Guided by the principle of "establishing a learning organization to help employees comprehensively improve their abilities and qualities," TP-Link has constructed an educational system that combines "general knowledge + specialty + management." We have also established an internal online learning system, TP-Link Learning, providing easy access to learning resources for every employee. This platform fosters a "sustainable learning" environment, promoting continuous personal and professional development.

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