TP-Link, steadfast in its commitment to environmental protection, adopts a lifecycle approach for green innovation. We continually strive to minimize our products' negative impact on the environment and users, providing customers with cutting-edge, eco-friendly products and solutions.

Green Products

Ultra-Thin Archer Air Series Products

With dimensions mirroring an A5 paper and a slim 8mm thickness, our Archer Air series is designed for convenience and flexibility. It can be easily installed on or hung from a wall, requiring minimal space. Compared to traditional routers of similar specifications, the shell material use is reduced by approximately 50%. Switching from traditional round head charging to a Type-C power supply, the product enhances charging universality and reduces waste.

Intelligent Power Supply AP — EAP690E HD

Operating at full load, the EAP690E HD consumes 45W of power. With an automatic detection feature, this product can identify equipment usage, adjust the frequency band module on/off accordingly, and reduce overall power consumption to below 8W.

All-in-One: ER7212PC

In 2022, TP-Link introduced the innovative ER7212PC, a 'three-in-one' device embodying our 'All-in-One' design concept. This unique integration of a desktop router, PoE switch, and hardware controller significantly reduces network deployment complexity and equipment space requirements, effectively addressing the application challenges faced by customers in various market segments.


Green Office

TP-Link continues to bolster its commitment to environmental conservation with significant investments towards greener, low-carbon operations. By implementing paperless offices, using teleconferencing facilities, installing energy-saving lights, enhancing our lighting systems, and promoting water and electricity conservation, we're weaving sustainability into every aspect of our work environment. Our goal is to foster a harmonious coexistence between people and nature, deeply integrating green practices into our daily operations.

Energy Consumption

Aligning with the ISO 50001 standard, TP-Link has progressively fostered an energy management system. This incorporates defining guidelines for energy conservation and emission reduction, office space energy efficiency, and other system standards to promote responsible energy usage.

Energy-Saving17.4 % decrease

127,226K kWh

105,064K kWh

Estimated Electricity Consumption Savings

  • Technical transformation of SMT line weight group

    378K kWh/year

  • Optimized fume exhaust system

    311K kWh/year

  • Optimized air compressor drainage throttle

    8.8K kWh/year

  • Drying drums with hot air recovery

    1,374K kWh/year

  • LED-integrated explosion-proof lamps

    702K kWh/year

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