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Q1: Do you have any installation tips to get this Bluetooth adapter works well?

A: 1. UB400/UB4A: supports Plug & Play on Windows 10 computer. If not, please download the driver from the official website and install it manually.

UB500: for Windows 10/8.1 system, the driver installation will automatically start when connected to the internet. If not, please download the driver from the official website and install it manually.

2. Disable the Built-in Bluetooth adapter before using the UB series device if your computer has Built-in Bluetooth. (Open Device Manager and right-click on the Built-in Bluetooth adapter of your computer and then click Disable Device.

3. To properly use UB400/UB4A/UB500, please remove all third-party Bluetooth drivers or programs.

Please follow this instruction to install it: How to install the Bluetooth Nano USB Adapter?

Q2: Does UB400/UB4A support Mac and Linux?

A: They only support Windows OS, in which Win8/8.1/10 is plug and play, and XP/7 requires driver installation.

Note: Because of the limitation of Windows OS, if the PC has a built-in Bluetooth adapter, the customer needs to manually disable the internal Bluetooth adapter to recognize UB400 and UB4A.

Q3: What is the coverage of UB400/UB4A&UB500/UB5A?

A: The barrier-free distance is 30-40 meters. But this distance will decrease with wireless interference and various obstacles such as walls.

Common wireless interferences include 2.4G interference, including 2.4G Wi-Fi, USB 3.0 devices, microwave ovens, other Bluetooth devices, etc.

Q4: Whether UB400 /UB4A&UB500/UB5A support BLE?

A: Yes.

Q5: Whether Peripheral role is supported on UB400/UB4A&UB500/UB5A

A: In a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connection, a BLE device is acting in either a central or peripheral role.

Central Role (Master): A device that initiates commands and requests, and accepts responses from the peripheral device.

Peripheral Role (Satellite): A device that receives commands and requests, and returns responses.

Generally, a central role device is a computer or smartphone, while the peripheral role is usually an end device such as a Bluetooth headset.

UB400/UB4A&UB500/UB5A, only act as the Central Role and don't support the Peripheral Role.

Q6: What is the Encryption type of UB400/UB4A&UB500/UB5A




Q7: What audio code compression algorithms are supported by UB400/UB4A?


UB400/UB4A supports SBC. It doesn't support APT-X or APT-X HD.

UB500/UB5A supports the SBC and AAC. It doesn’t support APT-X.

Q8: What is the power class of UB400/UB4A&UB500/UB5A?

A: Class 1.

Q9: Can I change the Bluetooth MAC address for UB400/UB4A?

You may try some third-party software such as Bluetooth MAC Address Changer to change the Bluetooth MAC address of UB400/UB4A.

Note: TP-Link is not obligated to provide any maintenance or support for any third-party software and does not guarantee the performance and stability of third-party software. Damage to the product as a result of using third-party software will void the product's warranty.

Q10: How many Bluetooth devices can be connected to the UB4A and UB500?

UB4A and UB500 turn Non-Bluetooth PC or laptops into Bluetooth-capable. Just connect your Bluetooth devices to your computer and enjoy it with ease. It supports 7 Bluetooth devices at most.

Q11: What Bluetooth profiles do our UB devices support?

UB500 supports A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP.

UB400 supports HSP/HFP/OPP.

Q12: Is it possible to buy two same UB products to use at the same place?


However, you can buy a UB500 and a 400 to use at the same place.

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