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As more Wi-Fi networks are deployed to support our wireless cravings we are causing wireless congestion. Think of congestion like ripples in a still pond. Drop a pebble and the ripples radiate equally. Drop a second pebble and the ripples start to interfere with each other. It’s the same with wireless signals, the more
Wi-Fi networks in your neighborhood, the higher the risk of poor wireless performance and even dropped connections.

More Demanding Applications

Catch up TV, online gaming, music and film streaming services are firmly cemented in daily life. A smart TV isn't smart if it’s constantly buffering, gaming online is no fun if you keep losing the signal and a tablet without Wi-Fi is little more than a paperweight.

To get the best out of your devices you need a solid network foundation. So if you want to sit back and enjoy smooth HD streaming, glitch free gaming and instant online chat, make sure your network is up to the job. Or you can upgrade your current network to 802.11ac for an ultra-fast wireless network.

Originally designed as a successor to wireless standard 802.11n, or Wireless N, AC goes one step further. Designed to work with all wireless enabled devices, AC is the next generation Wi-Fi delivering seamless performance, for super-high speed, home wide coverage while minimizing the risk of interference. Due to its incredible speed, it's ideal for HD streaming, multi-player gaming, video conferences, and transferring large files without lag, buffering or disconnection. In other words, AC delivers superior performance resulting in a fast, reliable and secure home or office network, so you can do more, faster.

Wider for Faster!

3X Speed

3 Times Faster

AC is the world's fastest Wi-Fi now, offering data transfer speeds 3 times faster than Wireless N. 802.11ac achieves its unbelievable high speed because:

  • Its frequency bandwidth is wider than Wireless N
  • It enables faster processing capabilities
  • It has multiple spatial streams for fast data transfer

Imagine you’re in a car. Now think about a journey through a town center at rush hour in comparison to a trip down the Autobahn, without strict speed limits. The town center represents Wireless N, is congested and you make slow progress. In comparison, AC can be regarded as an Autobahn allowing higher speed, so you reach your destination faster without encountering queues.

(40MHz Bandwidth,64-QAM)
(80MHz Bandwidth, 256-QAM)


Less Interference

AC is optimized for the 5GHz frequency which is faster because it’s a wider band with less users and therefore significantly less interference, so you enjoy better quality Wi-Fi. AC means you can stream movies without waiting and never miss the shot in your favorite online game.



- Focused Reliable Signal

802.11ac introduces a smart technology called beamforming, which concentrates the Wi-Fi signal towards your Wi-Fi devices, focusing the data transmission to where you need it the most. Superior Wi-Fi bandwidth utilization increases Wi-Fi range, delivering highly targeted and efficient Wi-Fi connections.

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BeamforminOther AC1900 Router

The TP-LINK Range

TP-LINK has a comprehensive range of high performance AC products to upgrade your home or office network, so you can enjoy next generation wireless, now. Range extenders boost your routers signal range and strength to eliminate Wi-Fi dead-zones. Upgrade your existing devices by adding a wireless adapter to take full advantage of AC.

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