How to setup schedule, away mode and timer of TP-Link Smart Plug/Switch in Kasa APP

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Kasa APP is designed to control TP-LINK Smart Plug/Switch locally and also remotely. With Kasa app, we can easily control and monitor TP-LINK Smart Plug/Switch wherever we are and make our home smart.

In previous FAQ, we have introduced “How to connect my TP-LINK Smart Plug/Switch to my home network via Kasa”

How to connect my TP-LINK Smart Plug/Switch to my home network via Kasa?

Now in this FAQ let’s introduce some advanced settings/features of smart plug/switch.

Before we start, please make sure the device time is correct.

What should I do if my Kasa device doesn't synchronize the time correctly?

Note: HS210,HS220, RE270K and RE370K do not support away mode.


With the schedule feature, we can create an event to determine when to turn on/off the smart plug/switch automatically. Here we take HS100 as an example.

1. On the Kasa app, go to Devices page, click on HS100, then tap Schedule icon.

2. Click on “+” icon to create a schedule, for example:

With the settings in the picture 2, Kasa will turn on the HS100 at 9:50 am every day.

With the settings in the picture 3, Kasa will turn off the HS100 at 5:30 pm on Monday and Sunday.

Remember to tap “Save” button on the bottom to save the schedule settings.

As for how to delete the existing schedule, it’s different according to phone’s operating system. In the Android system, you could touch and hold the schedule, then a message will pop up, click on “OK” to delete the schedule. In the IOS system, you could touch and slide the schedule to the left, the “Delete” option will show up.

Away Mode

Away Mode is a feature to give the appearance you’re home while you’re actually away. During the time period of Away Mode, your kasa device will turn on and off at random intervals.

Click “Away” icon to enter its configuration page.

Here we set Away Mode from 4:50 pm to 5:42 pm on Monday and Tuesday. Click “Start” to save the settings.

With this setting, your device will be randomly turned on and off from 4:50 pm to 5:42 pm on Monday and Tuesday. If you want to turn off the away mode, click on “Stop”.


With Timer settings, the smart plug will turn on/off automatically after the time you set.

With the settings in the pictures below, Kasa will turn on the HS100 after 30 minutes from now on.

You can click on Start or Stop to enable or disable the Timer function.

Note: If internet fails, Schedule, Away and Timer mode will continue to run as programmed.

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