What to do if schedule/timer/away mode not working properly for Tapo/Kasa smart Plug/Switch/Bulb/Light Strip

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If you are faced with a problem like a schedule/timer/away mode can’t be edited in the App/ does not take effect/ take effect at the wrong time. Please refer to the following suggestions for troubleshooting.

Here are the troubleshooting steps:

1) Ensure you are using the latest App and the Smart device has the latest firmware.

2) Re-synchronize device time.

  • For Kasa devices
  1. Kasa App user: Launch the Kasa App -> Me -> Settings -> Location and Time
  2. Tapo App user: Launch the Tapo App -> Me -> Tapo Lab -> Location and Time

Re-synchronize Kasa device’s time by tapping Location - Sync Location, and then reselect the time zone.

  • For Tapo devices
  1. Please ensure the location and time zone of your mobile phone/tablet is correct.
  2. Factory reset the smart device and add it to Tapo App again. (Note: please press and hold the Reset button for at least 10 seconds.)


  • For smart plugs, the power button is also the Reset button.
  • For smart switches, there is a Reset button below the on/off button.
  • To smart bulbs, please repeat switching the Tapo bulb three times (Kasa bulb five times), pausing for one second in between. Then wait for the bulb to blink three times.

4) Try to change the DNS server of your Router to or, then save the settings;

5) Reboot your Router.

If the suggestions above all failed, please contact TP-Link support for more help with the following information.

1.Screenshots of the Schedule/Timer/Away Mode settings, or the error message.

2. Your TP-Link ID (email account used in the Tapo/Kasa App).

3. Model and Mac address of your smart device.

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