What is TR-069?

TR-069, also known as CWMP (CPE WAN Management), is a technical specification that offers structured remote management for customer-premises equipment (CPE). It uses XML/SOAP to deliver messages between the Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) and the CPE, enabling easy maintenance. TP-Link recommends using SSL/TLS encryption to strengthen the security of the connections.

"Hi ACS, my authentication is ... Please set me up."
"OK. Task 1: Set up your PPPOE profile as ... ; Task 2: Set your IPTV as ...; Task 3: ..."

The First-Time Communication between the CPE and ACS.

Complete Remote Management

Auto Configuration

When booted up, the CPE automatically requests the configuration from the ACS. The ACS also initiates the configuration when needed. Turning a service on/off becomes more flexible for an ISP.


Firmware Upgrade

TR-069 facilitates the process of deploying new functions for their existing customers. ISPs can identify the firmware version on the CPE through ACS, and deploy firmware upgrades simultaneously.


Remote Diagnostics

Keep your system robust by scheduling regular diagnostics. TR-069 provides solutions for ISPs to monitor their CPE's network status and performance, preventing leaks in the system.



With TR-069, ISPs can remotely locate the problems of the CPE for customers. ISPs can also perform crucial troubleshooting and reduce engineer’s on-site visiting.


Device Grouping

When managing many connected devices, TR-069 provides grouping solutions and enables ISPs to organize the CPE.


Compatible Products

*Supported with special firmware, please contact the sales for the firmware.

** Archer C6 V2 EU/RU/JP/KR

*** Archer A6 V2 EU/RU

**** Archer C24 V1 EU/US/RU/ES

Router Wi-Fi

  • Archer AX23

    Archer AX23

    AX1800 Router Wi-Fi 6 Băng Tần Kép

  • Archer AX1500

    Archer AX1500

    Router Wi-Fi 6 AX1500

  • Archer C86

    Archer C86

    Router Wi-Fi MU-MIMO AC1900

  • Archer C80

    Archer C80

    Router Wi-Fi MU-MIMO AC1900

  • Archer C6

    Archer C6

    Router Gigabit MU-MIMO Không Dây AC1200

  • Archer C64

    Archer C64

    AC1200 Router WiFi Gigabit MU-MIMO

  • Archer C24

    Archer C24

    AC750 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router

  • Archer C20

    Archer C20

    Router Wi-Fi Băng Tần Kép AC750

Show All 8 Router Wi-Fi


  • Deco X20

    Deco X20

    Hệ thống Wi-Fi 6 Mesh cho Gia đình AX1800

  • Deco M4

    Deco M4

    Hệ Thống Wi-Fi Mesh Cho Gia Đình AC1200

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Wi-Fi Router

  • EX510


    Router Wi-Fi 6 Gigabit Băng Tần Kép AX3000

  • EC220-G5





How do I buy the products?

You can get products in offline stores or online retailers according to the above sheet. Contact sales if you need special firmware or when you want to buy in bulk.

How do I prepare to deploy TR-069 in my network?

Deploying TR-069 requires compatible CPE devices and ACS. Tech specialists are needed for the maintenance of ACS. If you simply want to boost your deployment, you may look for Agile Config

How do I enable auto-configuration on TR-069 devices?

Set the ACS address, profile info (username and password) for devices in advance to enable auto-configuration. TP-Link recommends using Agile Config to deploy the ACS settings efficiently.

Does TP-Link offer an official ACS solution for TR-069 products?

If you are looking for the ACS solution provided by TP-Link, you may check out Agile ACS offered by a TP-Link Service Provider. The products supported by Agile ACS differ from those listed on this page.

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