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With the release of the Tapo’s 3.0 version a new feature that allows you to integrate your Kasa devices into the Tapo has become available.  This allows you to use a single app to control your TP-Link Smart Home devices. This FAQ will walk you through the process of adding Kasa into Tapo.

Note: Some Kasa devices are currently not compatible with Tapo.

Integrating Kasa into Tapo

  1. Open the Tapo app and go to the Me page.
  2. Scroll down and tap Link Tapo with Kasa.

  1. Tick the checkbox of Privacy Policy below. Then tap Authorize Now to allow Tapo to access Kasa. After authorization, your Kasa devices will be shown in the Tapo app.

Adding a new Kasa Devices to Tapo

  1. Tap + to add a new device.
  2. Select the Kasa brand.
  3. Choose your Device category.

  1. Choose your model. KP303 is used as an example.

  1. Powe on the device and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the device configuration.
  2. Once the Device is added you should see it listed on the “Home” menu in the Tapo app.




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