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Part 1: RV10/RV30 Series General Questions

1.How do I reset the Tapo robot vacuum?

2. How much time will it take to charge the Tapo robot vacuum?


Battery capacity

Estimated charging time

RV10 series

2600 mAh

around 150 mins to charge the battery from 20% to 100%.



around 180 mins to charge the battery from 20% to 100%.

Note: This data is based on internal testing environments.  Real charging time can vary due to different factors.

3. How much power does the robot vacuum consume when Docked?

Power consumption is very low when the Robot Vacuum is placed on the dock, which serves to maintain the battery’s best status of performance.

4. Can the Tapo robot vacuum be used offline?

The Robot Vacuum cannot be controlled in the app when it shows offline.

However, you can control and operate the robot vacuum with physical buttons while offline.

5. Can the Robot Vacuum use the vacuum and mop at the same time?

Yes, Tapo Robot Vacuum supports vacuum and mop combo.

Note: Tapo RV10 Lite can only vacuum.

6. Will there be a prompt if the water tank is empty, or the dustbin is full?

There are no prompts due to hardware limitations, it is recommended to regularly clean the dustbin after the cleaning and fill the water tank before or after a cleaning cycle.

Relevant FAQ: How to Clean the Dustbin of My Robot Vacuum

Part 2: Accessories of Tapo Robot Vacuum

1. Can I add my preferred cleaning agents to the water tank?

This is not recommended. Using a 3rd party floor cleaner may corrode the water tank or affect the overall life of your vacuum.

2. Other accessories such as Mops, Vacuum bags

For the availability of other accessories, please pay attention to our official website or the Tapo website.

3. What is Tapo Magnetic Tape and what does it do in the Robot Vacuum?

Tapo Magnetic Tape is the special Boundary tape for the Tapo robot vacuum.  It is used to build an invisible wall to stop the robot vacuum from going where you don't want it to go, such as a bathroom, a carpeted area, etc. This boundary will confine the vacuum to a specific perimeter


Part 3: Usage Scenarios

1. Can the Robot Vacuum be used outdoors?

Tapo robot vacuum is designed for indoor use only.

2. Can the Robot Vacuum work on a wet surface?

The robot vacuum is not waterproof and should not run over watery areas.  Ensure a surface, like the kitchen or bathroom floor is dry prior to use.

3. Can the Robot Vacuum work in the dark?

Yes, it can work well in the dark.

4. Does the Robot Vacuum clean up pet droppings?

It is possible but not recommended. We suggest cleaning up animal droppings before a vacuum cleaning cycle. Here are relevant instructions to help the robot clean more efficiently.

FAQ: How to Troubleshoot Your Tapo Robot Vacuum When It Can't Pick Up All Debris

5. What types of liquid stains can a Vacuum- mop combo clean?

The Robot Vacuum can mop air-drying liquids, like water. For other liquid spills it may spread the stain over the floor surface.

6. Can the RV10 Lite/ RV10/ RV10 Plus be used in a multi-story house?

Yes. However, it is necessary to manually move it back to the Charging Dock after cleaning.

Part 4: Functions

1. How does the Recharge & Resume function listed on the specifications page work?

With the Recharge and Resume feature, the robot vacuum will return to the charging dock automatically when the power is lower than the threshold value and when the battery was charged to a certain level, the vacuum will return to the same area and continue its original cleaning task.

Note: this function will not take effect if the original cleaning tasks were interrupted during the charging process. if a new cleaning task was started during the charging process, the robot vacuum will abandon its previous cleaning task.


Recharge threshold

Resume threshold

RV10 series

20% Battery level

80% Battery level

RV30 series

20% Battery level

50% Battery level




2. What’s the falling height threshold of the robot’s Anti-Drop protection?

The failing height threshold is 8 cm.

With the built-in cliff sensors, the Anti-drop protection of the robot vacuum can intelligently detect gaps and level changes that are more than 8 cm and prevent the robot vacuum from falling from the stairs.

3. Will the color of surfaces affect the Anti-drop protection performance?

Black objects or surfaces tend to absorb light, and this may affect Anti-drop protection functionality.

4. Does the Robot Vacuum support Voice Reporting?

The RV30 series vacuums do support voice reporting which keep the user informed about the robot vacuum’s current status.

The RV10 series does not support voice reporting and instead uses a buzzer for alerts and notifications.


What voice control commands does the robot vacuum support?

The Following voice commands are supported, with more to be supported in the future.


"Alexa, turn on xxx." Then the robot vacuum will start to clean.

"Alexa, turn off xxx." Then the robot vacuum will stop to clean.

"Alexa, turn on xxx at xxx time." Then the robot vacuum will start to clean at xxx time.

"Alexa, turn off xxx at xxx time." Then the robot vacuum will stop to clean at xxx time.

Note: More commands will be supported in the future.

6. Does the Tapo Robot vacuum support Amazon or Google voice control?

Yes. Both Tapo RV10 and RV30 series vacuums support Amazon Alexa and Google voice control.


Part 5: Auto-Empty Dock Related (for RV10 Plus and RV30 Plus)

1. What is the Auto-Empty function and how does it work?

Auto-Empty allows the robot vacuum to automatically empty its dustbin when the vacuum returns to the dock.

1) There are four different Emptying modes (Smart, Light, Balanced, and Max) and the frequency of dust collection varies based on the mode selected.

In Smart Mode (recommended), the longer the cleaning time, the longer the dust collection time.

2) To make the auto-empty task more efficient and reduce the noise, the auto-empty feature can only be active when two conditions are met:


Auto-emptying requires that:

Cleaning time

more than 30 minutes of cleaning during one cleaning task


less than 3 times within 10 minutes (including manual and auto emptying)

Note: the app will prompt you if you manually collect dust for the 4th time within 10 minutes.

2. Will there be a prompt when the dust bag is full?

No. However, the APP will remind the user to replace the dust bag after a total of 30 dust-collection operations.

3. Why the Auto-Empty dock’s LED light is off?

The Auto-Empty dock will enter energy-saving mode after 10 minutes of inactivity and the LED light will go out.


Part 6: Mapping Feature

1. Is it possible to set individual rooms cleaning?

Tapo RV20/30 Series support individual rooms cleaning and zones cleaning but Tapo RV10 Series do not.

2. How many maps does the RV30 series support in total?

The RV30 series supports up to 3 maps that can be saved in the app. If you have saved 3 maps in the app, the 4th map will be saved as a temporary map that can be overwritten or deleted at any time.


Part 7: RV30 series LiDAR sensor related

1. Is the LiDAR sensor harmful to eyes, children, or pets?

Our LiDAR sensor complies with Class 1 safety standards and uses a low-power infrared laser as the transmitting light source. The emitted laser power consumption is extremely low and will not harm children or pets.

2. Can the LiDAR sensor identify glass?

No. According to the characteristics of the LIDAR sensor, the infrared light from the sensor will pass through the glass door and cannot be identified.





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