How to Fix Kasa Doorbell KD110 Not Broadcasting Wi-Fi or Power Issues

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Kasa doorbell requires to wire to your existing doorbell system and get power from the transformer, if your Kasa doorbell (KD110D, the doorbell camera) is not receiving power, flashing red, or not broadcasting Wi-Fi SSID, this article shares some troubleshooting tips on how to fix it.

Warning: BE CAREFUL OF THE ELECTRIC SHOCK AND TURN OFF THE POWER OF TRANSFORMER FIRST. Turn OFF the power to the transformer and doorbell by flipping the breaker to the OFF position when you install the doorbell.

1. Check if the transformer provides 16V-24VAC output voltage and minimum 10VA Power Output

Visit Kasa Doorbell Compatibility to check if your existing transformer is compatible.

If you’re not sure about the power output of the transformer, use a multimeter to measure the voltage/amps of your transformer output, or reach out to a qualified electrician for help.

NOTE: If the transformer fails not to meet the 16-24VAC ≥10VA requirement, it might cause problems for your doorbell or even damage the doorbell.

2. Make sure the doorbell itself is NOT short-circuited

Pay attention not to connect the exposed part of two wires behind the KD110D together otherwise, it will short out the doorbell and cause no power or damage the transformer

If the exposure part of the wire is pretty long, you may wrap the exposed metal parts of the two wires with insulating glue or cut the redundant wire.

3. Make sure jumper wire is properly installed

The original chime should be short-circuited and bypassed by installing the jumper wire.

NOTE: Do NOT have any device between the transformer and the KD110D, a load device between transformer and doorbell may cause the doorbell to restart or even damage the transformer

4. Use Correct Wire Gauge

Wire ‘Gauge’ is to define the diameter of the wire. The wire can work for the doorbell when meeting one of the two requirements:

  • Within 25 AWG Gauge Wire is suitable for the doorbell

More than 25 AWG means the wire is too thin with higher resistance and may not be able to deliver adequate power to your doorbell. Here is America Wire Gauge (AWG) table (from Wikipedia) for reference.

  • Wire resistance is less than 10 Ω between the transformer and the KD110D.

(Optional) Use a Multimeter to Measure Wire Resistance

1)Turn off the power to the transformer. Disconnect the two wires connected to the transformer.

2) Remove the KD110D and short the two wires together.

3) Use a multimeter to measure the resistance value between the two wires connected to the transformer. (as the following picture)

If the problem persists despite the above steps, please contact us directly and you may provide the following information when reaching support.

1) Model of the Transformer.

2) How long is the wire between the transformer and the doorbell?

What is the wire gauge (diameter of wire) or the resistance of the wire?

3) A photo of the wiring of the original chime

4) Please describe the steps of installing your KD110D in detail.

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