How to Identify What Product Category your Product is in

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Here are three ways for your reference and we will take a Wi-Fi router as an example:

Products Category

Products in Category

Warranty Period


Whole Home Wi-Fi/Mesh Wi-Fi /Deco

2 years

Wi-Fi Router

Adapters/USB Adapters

Access Points

Range Extenders

Powerline Adapters

Smart Home

Smart Plugs

2 years

Smart Lighting

Smart Switches

Indoor/Outdoor Wired Cameras

Smart Doorbell

Wired Doorbell *Excluding KD110

1 year

Wire-Free Doorbell

Outdoor Battery-Operated Smart Home

Wire-Free Smart Cameras

1 year

*Excluding KC300 and KC310

Solar Charging Panel

Solar Charging Panel (for Wire-Free Cameras)

1 year

Battery (Removable/Pack)

Wire-Free Camera Battery

1 year

Baby Monitor

Baby Monitors

1 year

Flood Lighting

Smart Flood Lights

1 year

Smart Flood Light Cameras

Energy Star Certified Smart Light Bulbs

LB210, KL130 V1, LB230

3 years

Robot Vacuums

Robot Vacuums

1 year

*Excluding wear and tear items that require regular replacement and maintenance

Robot Vacuum Accessories

Brushes, Mop Pads, Filters, Boundary Tape

30 days*

Smart Sensor


1 Year

Smart Home Hub

Smart Button

Smart Button

1 year

Home Class Accessories

USB Hubs/Port Hubs

2 years

USB Converters/USB to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

Charging/Power Bank

1 year

USB-F Bluetooth power cable

TP-Link Omada Pro SDN

TP-Link Omada Pro Switches

Limited Lifetime

TP-Link Omada Pro Access Points

TP-Link Omada Pro VPN Routers

TP-Link Omada Pro Controllers

TP-Link Omada SDN

TP-Link Omada Switches (Excluding Outdoor Switches)

5 years

TP-Link Omada VPN Routers

TP-Link Omada Controllers

TP-Link Omada Access Points (Excluding Outdoor Access Points)

TP-Link Omada Outdoor Switches

2 years

TP-Link Omada Outdoor Access Points

PharOS Outdoor Access Points

PharOS WISP/Long Range outdoor access points

2 years

Business-class Switches (non-TP-Link Omada)

Steel Chassis (non-TP-Link Omada/Omada Pro)

3 Years

*Excludes Plastic Chassis and Litewave switches

Lightwave Switches and Switches with Plastic Chassis

Lightwave and Switches with Plastic Chassis

2 years

*Excludes TP-Link Omada/Omada Pro Switches

Business Class Accessories

Splitters and Injectors

2 years

Media Converters


SFP+ Cables

Rackmount Chassis

Rack Mounting kit




Vacuum accessories are components that experience natural wear and tear over time requiring periodic replacement. The warranty for these products solely covers manufacturing defects, such as sizing or fitting issues making them unsuitable for their intended use. Normal wear and tear, along with other defects not resulting from manufacturing, are not covered under the warranty.

*Limited Lifetime Warranty: 

A:  Limited lifetime warranties only apply to the original purchaser and do not transfer.  Second-hand business-class products or products sold by unauthorized resellers do not carry a limited manufacturer warranty. RMA requests for such products will be denied.  

B:  Warranties on products that are discontinued/end-of-life will be limited to a period of (5) years from the end-of-life date, as set by TP-Link USA. Discontinued status is based on the model number and not the hardware revision.

C:  Only the product and its internal parts are covered under the limited lifetime warranty.  External parts such as external power supplies, modules, and other accessories may be covered under separate warranties.  Please refer to TP-Link business-class accessories for more information.

*Using TP-Link Home Class routers as an example


Method 1:
*Using TP-Link Home Class routers as an example

Take a look at the front of the product box and you can see the product category (Wi-Fi router) and the model number (Archer C6).


Method 2:

Turn over the device so you can see a label on the back or bottom of the unit. On the upper right of the label, you will find the model number (Archer C7) and product category (Wireless/Wi-Fi Router).


Method 3:

If you only know the model number of your product, you can refer to this instruction to find the product category.


Step 1:

Launch a web browser and go to


Step 2:

Type in the model number of your device in the search box.



Step 3:

In the product list, you will see the product category.


If you need any further help, please feel free to contact TP-Link Technical Support.

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