What should I do if I cannot install the driver of TP-Link Network Adapter in Windows computer?

Updated 12-11-2019 01:37:02 AM

This article will introduce some trouble shooting methods when you fail to install the driver of TP-Link network adapter on windows computers.


Case 1. Cannot detect the adapter

Step 1. Go to Computer Management>Device Manager>Network Adapter.

a. if the adapter shows up, install driver.

b. if the adapter is not there, plug the adapter to another USB port/PCI slot.

Step 2. Install the adapter on another computer to see if it can be detected.

Step 3. Contact TP-Link support and let us know the result above.


Case 2. Fail to install driver


Step 1. Make sure operating system of your computer is compatible with the adapter by referring to whether my Network adapter is compatible with my computer

Step 2. The adapter appears on Device Manager.

Step 3. Uninstall anti-virus software and disable firewall if any.

Step 4. Try install it in safe mode (click here).

Step 5. Install it on another computer if possible.

Step 6. Contact TP-Link support with results above.


Case 3. Error code pops up on the Device Manager catalog after installing driver


If you come across error code on the Device Manager catalog, please uninstall the old driver on the Control Panel > Uninstall a program. Try download the latest driver from the TP-Link official website and reinstall it again.


For more information about error code, you could refer to this article provided by Microsoft:




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