Wi-Fi Routers Experiencing Slow Wi-Fi Performance With Android and Google Chromecast Built-in Devices

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Updated 09-27-2019 07:41:08 AM 181467

Recently, some consumers using Android devices and devices with Google Chromecast built-in have experienced router and Wi-Fi network connectivity issues. These issues have impacted customers regardless of the router brand or manufacturer.

After testing this issue internally and immediately relaying our results to Google, Google has confirmed the connectivity issue is related to recent versions of Android and Chromecast built-in devices, such as Google Home and Chromecast. Google has also advised consumers that they are releasing an update that should resolve the issue, and that they will begin rolling it out via Google Play services updates this Thursday, January 18.

In our own testing, we have found that only Archer C1200 routers were affected by this Google issue and we promptly released updated firmware to address this issue. Please see below for the firmware version that applies to your Archer C1200 for the region in which you reside.

While waiting for the update, Google recommends that anyone affected by this issue try rebooting their Android phone and check that their Wi-Fi router is running the most recent firmware version.

TP-Link also recommends that customers regularly visit our support site and check for firmware updates to ensure their devices are optimized for the best performance.

Note: Please click the link that applies to both your Archer C1200 hardware version and the region in which you live. Once you click the link, follow the instructions on the page to install the most recent firmware for your router.

Archer C1200 Hardware Version US V1:  Click here

Archer C1200 Hardware Version US V2:  Click here

Archer C1200 Hardware Version US/CA/TW V3:  Click here

Archer C1200 Hardware Version EU V2:  Click here

We will regularly update this FAQ as new information becomes available.

*Note:  If the firmware listed above does not resolve the issue, please contact TP-Link Customer Support.

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