Tapo C402 KIT

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Smart Wire-Free Security Camera and Solar Panel

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply - Enjoy a maintenance-free security experience with the Tapo Solar Panel, which provides a continuous power supply and flexible installation.
  • Color Night Vision - Reveals full-color images with built-in spotlights even at night.
  • 2K Live View - With a 2304×1296px  resolution, Tapo C410 KIT enhances your security by capturing more details than traditional 1080p.
  • Free AI Detection - Smart AI accurately identifies people, pets, and vehicles, reducing false alerts and unnecessary notifications.
  • Customizable Sound and Light Alarm - Record your own audio as an alarm and adjust the brightness for your customized use.

Wire-Free Design
with Continuous Power Supply

Smart Wire-Free Security Camera and Solar Panel

Tapo C410 KIT

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Continuous Solar Power with Flexible Installation

The innovative solar panel design offers versatile installation. Urify your setup into a single, sleek unit or install individually, connected by a 4-meter charging cable, ensuring maximum sunlight absorption.