Does Deco support Ethernet Backhaul?

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Updated 08-02-2019 09:26:35 AM
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Yes, Deco supports Ethernet Backhaul.

Thanks to this feature, every two Deco units can be wired together with an Ethernet cable. And Deco will transmit data between the two units via Ethernet connection instead, which is more stable and faster than Wi-Fi.

Note: The Wi-Fi backhaul and Ethernet backhaul won’t work at the same time. When two Deco units are connected via an Ethernet cable, the Ethernet backhaul will take effect and Wi-Fi backhaul will be disconnected.

Step 1 Please set up all Deco units on the same network through the Deco app before wire them together. Keep them in the same room during setup.

Step 2 Connect Deco units via Ethernet cables.

Here are two typical connection structures for Ethernet Backhaul:


Some switches cannot handle and forward the Ethernet II control message that based on the standard IEEE 1905.1 protocol, which is used to setup a wired network, so when a Deco connected to the switch, the Deco cannot working properly. In this case, it's recommended to replace the switch with another one for a check.