How do I turn on or off activity notifications on my mobile device?

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Kasa Cam utilizes the push notification of your smart phone to inform you of detected activities by the camera. This feature can be turned on during or after the installation process. This guide will show you both.


During installation:

While going through the setup process, the app will remind you to enable the notification feature. If you tap “I don’t want to be notified, then you may need to turn on this feature manually after the installation process.


After installation:

Method 1:

1:  Open your Kasa app, tap the “three lines icon” on the top left corner, and then click on “Settings”.

2:  Tap “Notifications”, click on the camera which you want to enable notification function. Here we take KC120 as an example.

3:  Enable “Activity Notifications”, if you select “Always” in the page, you will receive notifications all the time. If you select “Custom Time”, you can custom a time period when you will receive the notifications.

Note: If your enable “Automatically Limit Notifications”, Kasa app will limit the frequency of notifications you receive to no more than one notification per five minutes regardless of activity.

Method 2:

Here we take KC120 as an example.

1. Click on KC120, then click on the “three lines icon” on the top right corner, go to the Device Settings page.

2. Click on “Notifications”.

3. Enable “Activity Notifications”, and then select “Always” or “Custom Time” as your desire.



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