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Q1Is Deco protected against KRACK?

A: Yes, Deco is protected against the WPA2 security vulnerability known as KRACK.

What is KRACK exactly? Please read here:

To ensure your Deco is protected against KRACK, please update your Deco firmware to the latest version.

Q2: Can multiple accounts manage a Deco network at the same time?

A: Currently, one Deco network can be controlled by owner account and manager account, but the multiple accounts can’t manage a Deco network at the same time.

No matter you are using an owner account or a manager account, only one user can log into the Deco app at the same time. If you log in while another user is already logged in to the Deco app, the new user will kick out the old one.

Q3: Which wireless devices can I use to set up and manage my Deco network?

A: Both iOS and Android devices are supported. They must support Bluetooth 4.0 or later version as well. Requirements: iOS 9.0 or later, Android 4.4 or later.

Q4: Can Deco replace my modem or router?

A: Deco is designed to replace most home routers. If your old router need a modem to access the internet, then Deco should be used together with the existing modem.

Q5: Can I use Deco along with my current ISP?

A: Currently, Deco supports five internet connection types: PPPoE, Static IP, Dynamic IP, PPTP, and L2TP. That means Deco can work with most ISPs.

Q6Why does TP-Link require my email address?

A: Your email address will be used:

  • Verify your account.
  • Reset your password
  • Remote management of your Deco network
  • Work with third-party integration such as Amazon Alexa

Q7: Can I enable both online activity and device QoS at the same time? Which one has a higher priority?

A: The Deco app allows you to enable both at the same time. However, please note that, if the settings conflict, activity QoS takes priority over individual devices.

Note: Some Deco models only support device QoS, such as Deco M4 and E4, etc.

Q8: Can I connect my device to Deco?

A: Deco supports both wired and wireless connections.

For wireless devices, you only need to find Deco's Wi-Fi name on the client and connect with the Wi-Fi password.

You can also connect a device to the Deco network via an Ethernet cable, including PC, printers, TVs, etc. Each Deco provides two Ethernet ports on the back for wired devices. You can also connect a switch to the Ethernet port to expand the wired connections.

Q9: Can I manage my Deco network remotely?

A: Sure! After successfully binding Deco units to a TP-Link ID, users can manage a Deco network via the Deco app on their smartphone or tablet, even outside the house.

Q10: Does Deco support MU-MIMO?




Deco X60



Deco X20



Deco M5/P7/M9Plus/ E3/E4/M3/M4/S4



Q11: Can I set limits on the time my children spend online?

Yes. Use Parental Controls to set daily limits on the total amount of time children can spend online each day. Additionally, you can stop them from accessing the internet between specified times. For example, you can stop children from accessing the internet on their devices while doing homework or after bedtime.

Q12.How do I filter online content for my children?

Parental Controls allow you to group children’s devices into different filter levels determined by age: Child, Pre-Teen, Teen, and Adult. Categories that are inappropriate for the corresponding age group are blocked. You can also select additional categories to block for each age group, and block specific websites and apps you don’t want children to have access to on their devices.

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