How to Create Static Routing on TP-Link Deco

Configuration Guide
Updated 05-10-2024 09:09:30 AM 4472
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This article will guide you on how to set up static routing on the Deco app.

Step 1 Launch the Deco app and log in to the TP-Link account that is bound to Deco.

Step 2 Go to More > Advanced > Static Routing.

Step 3 Click + and finish the settings according to the following explanations:

-Description: Specify a description for the routing entry.

-Network Destination: The Network Destination is the address of the network or host that you want to assign to a static route.

-Subnet Mask: The Subnet Mask divides the network portion and the host portion of an lP address.

-Default Gateway: This is the lP address of the default gateway device that allowing for the contact between the Router and the network or host.

-Interface: Select the interface to specify the type of the Network Destination.

Step 4 Click Save. You can find the entry you’ve set, the static routing is set successfully.

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