How to Change your Security Settings on your TP-Link Router (new UI)

Configuration Guide
Updated 12-24-2021 08:05:38 AM 31609

*Note: We are using the Archer AX73 as an example.  Your interface may look different. If you have questions please contact support at


Step 1:  Log into your router

For steps click How do I log into the web-based Utility (Management Page) of TP-Link wireless router?


Step 2:  Click on ‘Advanced

Step 3:  Click on ‘Wireless



Step 4:  Click on ‘Wireless Settings


Step 5: Click on the dropdown for 'security' (We recommend you choose ‘WPA/WPA2-Personal’ or ‘WPA2/WPA3-Personal’)

For WPA/WPA2-Personal please choose AES as your Encryption

For WPA2/WPA3 please choose Auto for your Version

Step 6:  Repeat if needed for each band and click on ‘Save


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