How to connect to wireless networks and remove its profile on windows 10?

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Updated 08-21-2015 07:45:05 AM

How to connect to wireless networks

Step 1

Click the Wi-Fi icon at the lower right corner in the task tray, and it will bring out a list of all the available wireless signals nearby;

Or you can get this Wi-Fi list via control panel as instructed below:

1) Press “windows key +X” on the keyboard, and choose “Control Panel”;

2) Now navigate your way to Wi-Fi connection by way of “Network and Internet--- “Network and Sharing Center” --- “Change Adapter Settings”;

3) Right click on “Wi-Fi” and choose “Connect/Disconnect” and now you can see all the wireless networks around.

Step 2

Choose your Wi-Fi network, check “Connect automatically” and press “connect”;

Step 3

If it is a secured network, a security key will be required. Type in your wireless password and press “next”;

Now it is connected.

How to forget its profile?

Solution 1


Click the Wi-Fi icon at the lower right corner in the task tray, and click “Network settings”;


Then please click on “Wi-fi” and find “Manage Wi-fi settings” on the left menu;


Highlight the wifi and click on “Forget”;


Then please click on the “back” icon on the top and choose the wifi that you want to connect.


Solution 2

Step 1 Please go to the control panel page, and please click on “Network and Internet”--Network and Sharing Center”--“Change Adapter Settings”(on the left)”;

Step 2 Then right click on “Wi-Fi” and go to “Connect/disconnect”;

You will see the same “Network and Internet” window showed on the step2 of the Solution1, so please go the same process to forget profile.

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