How to Use Outlet Spacers to Make Tapo Switches Flush with the Wall Plate

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A fairly common concern when you have multi-gang switches is that the wall surface is not even, or part of the electrical box is recessed.  This can lead to a sunk-in look for one or more of the switches when the faceplate is attached. To correct this, you may need to use something called an outlet spacer to achieve a flush and clean look.  


Outlet spacers are usually small plastic inserts that fill the gap between the electrical box and the switch. They fill in the gap caused by the uneven wall surface or sunk-in electrical box and push the switch out ensuring a uniform and flush installation. TP-Link’s smart switches do not currently include outlet spacers with the product, but these low-cost items can be easily found online or through a local hardware store



TP-Link recommends using wall spacers that are flexible and able to be stacked into whatever depth you need. When you are installing a TP-Link switch, put the outlet spacer between the switch and the outlet electrical box it is being attached to.


Depending on the severity of the concern you may need to do this multiple times to achieve the proper flush and even look.  


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