How to use the Energy Monitoring Features of my TP-Link Smart Plug in SmartThings

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With a TP-Link Energy Monitoring Smart Plug, it’s possible to enjoy its Energy Monitoring features in both the Kasa/Tapo apps and SmartThings. Please refer to the steps below for instructions on how to achieve Energy Monitoring integration in SmartThings.

Before you begin:

1. Please ensure your TP-Link Smart Plug is a model that supports energy monitoring.

2. Set up the plug within the Tapo/Kasa app.

How to set up Tapo smart plugs in Tapo:

How to set up Kasa smart Plugs in Kasa:

3. Link the Tapo/Kasa service with SmartThings.

How to link Tapo with SmartThings:

How to link Kasa with SmartThings:

Note: If you’ve set up your Matter Energy Monitoring plug with SmartThings via Matter, please reset the plug, reconfigure it via the Tapo/Kasa app, then link the Tapo/Kasa service to SmartThings. Then, please refer to the steps below to start utilizing Energy Monitoring in SmartThings.

How to enable Energy Monitoring in SmartThings:

Step 1: Launch the SmartThings App and Tap ‘Life’.

Step 2: On the ‘Life’ menu, please Tap ‘Energy’.

Step 3: Once the Energy option is enabled, you’ll be able to utilize the Energy Monitoring feature of your TP-Link plugs in SmartThings.

The Monthly Bill, Energy Usage, Carbon Intensity and Emissions of all the energy monitoring plugs will be displayed as shown in the screenshots below. You can tap the arrows to view more details and scroll down to check the energy usage of each plug.



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