How to Retrieve and Apply Your Old Router's PPPoE Settings to a New TP-Link Wireless Router

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If you are replacing your old Wi-Fi router with a new TP-Link Wi-Fi router, you may find yourself in a predicament when prompted to set up the internet if you no longer remember your PPPoE username and password. The good news is that you can retrieve and apply your PPPoE settings easily from the old router by following the instructions below.


  1. Follow the Connect the Hardware section of the QIG (Quick Installation Guide) to connect your new router properly.
  2. Visit or, and create a password to log in.

Note: The QIG can be found on the download center of our official website:

  1. Run the Quick Setup. When prompted to Select Connection Type, select PPPoE, and click NEXT.

  1. On the page that follows, click Retrieve settings from your old router, and follow the steps to connect the old router to the new router. Click Next when finished.

4. The process to retrieve the PPPoE settings from your old router will then begin. If the retrieval is successful, the PPPoE settings from the old router will be populated into the new router’s settings page.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the steps necessary to retrieve and apply your existing PPPoE settings to your new TP-Link router, and can now enjoy Internet and Wi-Fi connectivity for your home network.

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