How to Configure NordVPN WireGuard in the Deco App

Configuration Guide
Updated 11-08-2023 18:16:35 PM 4360

Please follow the steps below to set up a NordVPN server via WireGuard within the Deco app.

1. Launch the Deco app, then go to More Advanced VPN Client, tap Add VPN Server, and choose NordVPN.


2. Tap “Log in with token”, fill in the token received from your NordVPN account, then tap “Confirm”.

If you are unsure whether you have a token, please review “How to Get a Token” to obtain an access token.


3. Fill in the description, choose ‘’WireGuard” as the VPN Type, and select the server from the list below. Then tap "Save" to save the settings.

4. When VPN Client is set up, the VPN Server’s details will be displayed below including information such as VPN Type, Server IP, Server DNS, Server name, Access Permission, and Client list. You can tap "Server" to switch VPN nodes at any time. Alternatively, you can tap "Switch VPN" to switch to a different type of VPN.

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