How to Troubleshoot a Flashing Red LED on Satellite Deco

Updated 09-21-2023 15:36:49 PM 15838

Deco products all feature a multi-color LED that can help identify several concerns a customer might have with their Deco System.  This FAQ will help diagnose issues related to a Satellite unit having a flashing red LED.


1. Ensure your satellite unit is within range of the main Deco or another satellite unit. Make sure its signal is not impeded by any obstructions or points of interference.  Please click here for tips on the proper placement of a Deco unit..

2. Relocate the satellite to a different position.  Try to get closer to the main unit if possible. 

3. Swap the location of the satellite in question with one that is working.  Verify if the issue follows the satellite or not.

4. Contact support

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