How to Troubleshoot a Solid Red LED on the Main Deco

Updated 09-21-2023 15:35:14 PM 21948

Deco products all feature a multi-color LED.  Each color means something different.  If your main Deco, the one connected to your ISP modem, encounters a Red LED use the following troubleshooting steps to diagnosis the concern.


1. Ensure the Ethernet cable that connects the Deco to your ISP’s mode is secure and properly seated. If the cable you are using is old and has exposed wires you will want to replace it..

2. Confirm that the Deco unit that is directly connected to your ISP’s modem is the one designated as Main in the Deco app.

3. Wire a PC or an old router directly into your ISP modem to confirm whether the modem is still providing internet service. If not, please contact the ISP to troubleshoot the internet service first.

4. Change the DNS server under IPV4 to a public DNS, like  This link will show you how to do this.

5.  If your ISP is a cable provider the concern could be the result of MAC Binding. Follow the steps in this Community Thread to resolve this: 

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