How to upgrade the firmware of GPON OLT P1201?

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1.This Article Applies to: GPON OLT P1201 Ver.

2.This article will give you an introduction of firmware upgrading for OLT P1201. Based on the different management ways, we can support two different method to upgrade the firmware.

3.Before you start the operation, please remember to check the model name and hardware version firstly.

  1. CLI

For OLT firmware upgrade, you need a FTP server (we use WFTPD as FTP Server in the following example) for FW download. Connects PC with the OLT`s console port, the FTP server connects with MGMT port. FTP default login name and password is admin/admin, FTP server IP set to

Step1. Checks the FTP server connected well by PING FTP server through the OLT.

Step2. FTP server configuration.

Security -> User/Rights Security Dialog -> User Name (set to admin) -> Change Password (set to admin) -> Home (choice the file folder of the upgrade software).

---Security -> User/Rights Security Dialog -> User Name —input admin

---Change Password —input admin

---Home Directory —set directory of OLT upgrade files

Step3. Upgrade.

Use the command “load packetfile ftp server-ip-address user-name user-password filename” in Config Mode to upgrade the OLT as below.

OLT(config)# load packetfile ftp admin admin P1200-08_FW_V1.0.3_151015_1420.img

Broadcast message from root:

Upgrade is in process.

File [P1200-08_FW_V1.0.3_151015_1420.img] download .......... OK

File [P1200-08_FW_V1.0.3_151015_1420.img] upgrade ..........OK

After update OLT, we need reboot OLT(Note: only reboot OLT,OLT can use new version)

OLT(config)# reboot

Please check whether data has saved, the unsaved data will lose if reboot system. Are you sure to reboot system? (y/n)[n]:y

  1. EMS


Step1. Login the EMS for management.

(For details about how to access the OLT by EMS, you can refer to the FAQ No.3.)


Go to Switch Control Card on the left side of the main page to open Control Card Management. Then open the Management Device Upgrade.

You need to enter the IP address of the FTP Server and the Filename of your firmware. The User name and Password is for the FTP Server.

Note: Before you start the operation, please make sure the FTP Server is connected to the OLT.

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