How to Set Up HomeKit-Supported Kasa Devices

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Updated 09-14-2023 21:51:09 PM 122594
This Article Applies to: Kasa devices can be managed in the Home app and work with your other HomeKit-compatible accessories. This guide will help you set up your HomeKit-supported Kasa devices.

A Kasa smart plug is used as an example.


Note: Please first factory reset the device before the configuration.


How do I factory reset the plug?

While the plug is powered up, press and hold the power button on the right panel of the plug for about 10 seconds until the LED flashes amber rapidly to factory reset the plug.

1. Open your Kasa Smart app, tap + in the upper right corner, and select your device.


2. Power up your smart plug and check whether its LED is blinking the color(s) specified in the app.

If not, please factory reset your smart plug.


3. Tap Add to Home, add your device to Home, and authorize Kasa to access your Home data so you can control your device from the Home app.


Looking to Bypass the HomeKit Setup?

Note: If you are going to bypass the ‘Add to Home’ step, and instead set up your HomeKit device with Kasa manually, please click this sentence and refer to the steps below:


(1) Tap I Need Help, then scroll down to find the sixth option, ‘Set Up with Kasa’ and tap ‘set it up with Kasa manually



(2) 10 minutes after your Kasa HomeKit-supported device is powered on, please go to your iPhone’s Settings -> WLAN menu, then locate the Wi-Fi network name of the Kasa device in OTHER NETWORKS. Make sure your iPhone is connected to the Kasa device’s Wi-Fi network, then return to the Kasa app and complete the setup.

4. Scan the HomeKit QR code on your device. It will add your device automatically.

How can I find the HomeKit code?

Note: This is a necessary step required by Apple and cannot be bypassed.


5. Once your device is added to the Home app successfully, you can edit its name and choose which room it is in. By tapping Next, you can set scenes. Then, tap Done.


6. If you’d also like to control the device on the Kasa Smart app, you may open Kasa app, and the Kasa app will automatically discover the device, then please click on the "+" sign and the device will be added to Kasa app.




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